Monday, 24 June 2013

Imats London 2013 - Experience & Haul!

This year, I was desperate to go to IMATS!
I'd read ALOT of blog posts about past imats experiences, etc & I got myself sooo hyped up & way too excited for it!

I haven't found any blogs that have said this, and feel like an outcast but it was soooo disappointing! :(
I went because my main aim was to learn how to do stuff, get lots of tips & ideas, inspirations & everything but I got none of that! There were hardly any demonstrations.. on the main stage, I didn't even know what they were doing! I'm sorry but it just looked rubbish! Me & Craig were sat having a drink at a little cafe next to the main stage and we were both just like 'what is this?' 
We only stayed at imats for an hour & a half :/

The main stage.

After looking at blog posts from the L.A Imats, I thought it looked amazing! but after going to the London one.. it's a fact that America really does do everything better!

Me & Craig got there early and queued for 45 minutes. We were about 5 people from the front of the queue so that got me excited!
My cutie in the queue.. so adorable! That smile! :) <3

So, when we were allowed in, we gave them our e-ticket and they gave us wristbands.

As soon as we got our wristbands, I took a picture of our view!

My friend Charmaine, wanted the D'Lilac Lime Crime lipstick, so as soon as I got in, I saw a little stall that sold a bit of everything and there was the Lime Crime logo, so I went and purchased the one she wanted.
They only had about 7 shades of the Lime Crime lipsticks, maybe they sold out the day before? I don't know.
After that, I saw a NYX stall.. and really wanted the Jumbo eye pencil in milk after seeing pretty much everyone I watch on youtube use it as an eyeshadow base.. so I went to have a look for it and saw it straight away! A guy who worked there was setting the milk pencils out.
I said I wanted one and he said "we've only just got these. They all sold out yesterday!" so he handed me one! :) it cost £3.50! :)
The picture below is how the NYX stall was when I went.. bearing in mind it was the 2nd stall I went to.. an hour later, we walked past the stall again and the queue was HUGE!!! It went all around the stall! I'm so glad I went when I did! :)

Then I went to the Nars stall! A lot of the people i've watched on youtube tutorials own the Nars 'Orgasm' blush so I was looking for that and a woman said they didn't sell it on it's own.. they were selling blush duo's and the 'Orgasm' blush came with the 'South Beach' blush.. it looked super pretty! The woman there explained that they retail at around £21 and these were being sold at £12.50 so I thought why the hell not for that price! because I knew Nars was quite expensive!
When me and Craig sat down for a drink, I searched Google for the blush duo that i'd just purchased and they were being sold for £22 - £30!!! Actually couldn't believe it! :)

Orgasm & South Beach.. beautiful shades! Can't wait to try them! :)

I kept thinking about the stall that sold the Lime Crime lipsticks & I had wanted one for ages, so I decided to go back to it and buy myself one! :)
 I got Airborne Unicorn! :) 
I'm in love with the pretty packaging!

Mine and Charmaine's lipsticks! :)
Airborne Unicorn on the left & D'Lilac on the right!
I don't know how much Lime Crime lipsticks are originally.. but these were £9.20 each! :)

(Sent this cheeky picture to Charmaine to tease her:) she's literally obsessed with Lime Crime lipsticks)

As I said, the stall sold abit of everything.. and I saw this pack of Real Techniques brushes for only £16.80! so I couldn't NOT get it! because I know Real Techniques brushes retail from at least £8 PER brush! This was an absolute bargain! :D

They're sooooo soft! I don't want to use them! :( hahaha!

I desperately needed a new foundation and i've wanted a mac foundation for months and months now! So I went and had a look :)

I said that if I was going to spend £20+ on a foundation, I was going to get help on getting the right shade to match my skin tone! so I waited for awhile and a guy came over and helped! :) he was so helpful and found me the perfect foundation after stating I wanted a full coverage one :) he'd put a bit onto my chin and I said I definitely wanted it! :) he then asked if I wanted anything else and I said i'd been looking at the Mac mineralize skin finishes for awhile, so he showed me 2 of them- 'Soft & Gentle' & 'Lightscapade' 
he suggested the Soft & Gentle one and patted some on my cheek bones.
It gave a lovely, warm glow! so I said I wanted to buy it! :)
it was 15% off Mac so instead of my 2 items costing me £45.00, the total came to 38.74! :)

I'm so, so happy with my purchases from imats and cannot wait to paint my face with all my new makeupppp! :)

Here are a few random pictures from the day!

Inglot stall!

Craig looking at all the eyelashes! :')

This was sooo weird! I had a feel of the tongues and they felt sooo real! :')

Weird zebra woman..?

It's actually insane how real these look! :|

Hahahaha! How cute is craig's smile!? <3

This is the view looking down the hall! 
I'm glad I went on the Sunday because it was a nice atmosphere, plenty of space to walk around, not too many crowds etc..
Looking at people's instagram pictures from the Saturday imats, it looked HECTIC! and too crowded! however, it did look better, there were more demonstrations & so much more going on! 
But yeah.. it was quite disappointing :( so happy with my discounted purchases though! :)
& everyone got given an imats bag for all their buys! i'm keeping mine as a little memento! :)

Thank you for reading!
Did anyone else go to the Sunday imats? If so, what did you think to it?!

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  1. I went on saturday and spent so much. still haven't had a chance to play with it all though because I've been hella busy. Saturday was hectic moreso than last year. It was amazing though! I wish I could be bothered to queue for Nars.