Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Introduction :) ♥

I've finally made a bloggggggg yay! :) before i get started, i'd like to thank my amazing friend Ravi for spending hours helping me make it look pretty as i honestly didn't have a clue how to decorate it :( #blogspotvirgin.. (sorry if you're blinded by the amount of PINK! :)) but go ahead & check out her blog here :) x
Anyway, my name is Julianne Howley, however, not for long as it will change to Chambers in August when i marry the love of my lifeeee! :) Craig <3
I'm 19 and from england. 
My dream is to be a celebrity make-up artist and do special effects make-up for horror films!  It's taken me such a long time to decide on a career, when i was younger i wanted to be a forensic scientist- i looooved watching Crime Scene Investigation every night! but growing up, that soon changed. i stayed on at school to study art, graphics & photography. then i decided i wanted to be an air hostess, to travel the world and i loveee flying! most people are scared of it but i absolutely love it! :) i then became obsessed with makeup, hair, nails.. all the girly things :} i realised that makeup is just ALWAYS on my mind! in bed at night, before i fall asleep, i just lay there thinking of what colour eyeshadows to wear the next day and what colours go well together. after countless debates with myself, and endless discussions with my fiance i was just so confuseddd! then one conversation with craig changed that! he said something that really helped make my decision! he said- "i think a make-up artist would open so many doors for you" and realised it can! (thank you craig!!) so my mind was made!! i finally decided on my dream! make-up is my passion and getting to do that as a career would be the best thing ever! i'm going to to get where i want to be in life! I'm forever browsing the internet for inspirations and ideas :) i love having ambitions and feeling determined! i'm currently putting together a portfolio of all my make-up looks which i will include on here sometime in the near future! :)

So, my blog is going to be full of wedding planning updates, beauty product reviews, make-up tutorials and a few random posts here & there:)

I really hope you enjoy reading & if you have any requests then please leave me a comment!

Thank you :) <3

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