Monday, 24 June 2013

London with my Mr. Chambers! :)

Hi guys! :)
This is just a quick little post to talk about mine & my fiance's trip to London at the weekend! :)
The main reason we went was because it was IMATS!!! :) (which i'll blog about after this post!) so, we woke up really early on Saturday to set off to London, we made a huuuge packed lunch with sandwiches, crisps, drinks, sweets etc.. it was yummy! We got to London around half 11, I think? We parked in Central Kensington because it costs a fortune to park in the centre of London! so we had to get a bus into the middle of London because the Northern Line on the tube was closed! so the bus took about half an hour to get to the centre. We got our tube tickets and then went to see if we could check into our hotel early because our bags were heavy and they let us! :) so I got showered and changed and then we head out into London! :)
This was our view from our hotel.. it was a cute little room, so cosy! :) 

I didn't really take many pictures, sorry! :( 

The weather changed sooo much throughout the weekend, it was ridiculous! (typical British weather) when we first got into London, it was really sunny and hot, then it kept getting gloomy, then raining on & off for the rest of the day! We had to buy an umbrella! 
 The clouds look so cool on this pic though! :) a nice little landscape pic of London from standing on the bridge! :)

 The London Eye in the distance! :)

THERE IT IS! :) we had a lovely little walk through Westminster! :)

The England flag waving gracefully in the wind :) 

THERE HE IS! :) The Big Ben! :) 
So gloomy! :( (it started to rain after I took this!)
so we got the tube back to Kensington to go back to the hotel so Craig could put some warmer clothes on :)

We had a little chill-out in the hotel for abit, had a coffee then set off out again! :) we went to the Embankment to find somewhere to have a meal.. we walked around there for about an hour and a half trying to find somewhere but it was so hectic! There were loads of places but there weren't much to choose from on the menus, SO, SO many italian places! We finally found a TGI's but there was a wait of 40 mins. By this point, we were both so hungry and fed up, so we decided to get back on the tube and go to Earls Court which was near our hotel, and find somewhere to eat there.
We found a nice little pub and decided to eat in there :) Craig had steak and I had a chicken & mushroom pie, it was sooo nice! we had plenty of drinks and such a good night! :)
after, we walked back to our hotel in the dark, but it was such a nice night, not too chilly! :)

We were both extremely tired after walking around ALL day so we fell straight asleep ready for another early morning the next day for imats!

We checked out of our hotel & caught the tube to Kensington Olympia to find the place where imats was taking place.. 
The hall was literally outside of the tube station..
so we queued up, 45 minutes before imats started and we were about 5 people from the front, which I was so happy about! :)

Anyway, like I said, my imats post will be straight after this one! :)
so after imats, we went on the tube (AGAIN) because we wanted to go to Harrods! 

It's insane in there! I didn't like it at all :(
don't get me wrong, it was nice and obviously a lot of expensive brands but EVERYTHING was just SO expensive and  I cannot stand overpriced stuff! I saw a plain black leather bag in Harrods for like £2256? I just found it ridiculous.. but that's just me hahaha. 
Craig was laughing at me because I said "get me out of this sh*t place.. you can buy all of this sh*t in Primark!" :')
I only wanted to go in there for the pet kindgom.. but when we got there, all there were was a dog, and 4 puppies & some fish? We didn't see anything else, so not much to look at really! which was disappointing! I WANTED TO SEE LOTS OF KITTENS!
We'd both never been in Harrods before, so by 'pet kingdom' we were expecting to see quite alot, because Craig's nana breeds pugs and Harrod's used to buy them off of her!

But anyway, after Harrods, we were ready to go home. The Northern Line still wasn't working so we had to make our way to Kings Cross then get the bus again.
Finally back into Finchley and we were both so happy to see Carla the Corsa!!!! :)

We had such a lovely weekend together! but we both don't want to go back to London for awhile because it's sooo tiring! 
So much to see, so many tubes to get! haha :)

Imats experience & haul coming next! 
Thank you for reading! Xo

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