Thursday, 20 June 2013

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Painted Love Lipstick Set Review

Today i'm going to do my first ever review so, let's see how this goes! :)

Last year, my mum went to Hawaii and got me a few bits from a Sephora shop there! :) whenever she goes abroad, she ALWAYS gets me stuff from Sephora, it's like a tradition now hahaha! :) she picked me up the Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Painted Love lipstick set that looks something like thissss...
You get 6 mini lipsticks that come in black, red & silver shimmery cardboard packaging covered with a beautiful design all over. (I actually threw my box away because it ripped) but the lipsticks are;
Agatha / Cathedral / Forever & Never / Backstage Bambi / Adora / Stiletto

This set is no longer available to purchase on the Sephora website, so i'm not sure how much it was but you can get the full size versions HERE! :)
They are tinyyyy! so perfect to fit in your purse or a clutch bag! :)
as you can tell, the lipstick tubes are black with gorgeous silver rose detailing.

I think this lipstick set was a really good idea as you can test out 6 different colours instead of having to buy each one individually. However, I really wish there was a wider variety included as the set only contains different shades of browns/reds.
L-R: Agatha- a light nude peach shade which I used to wear a lot as you can tell by the picture..
Cathedral- a chocolate brown shade which i've used alot as a lip liner! then blended it in with Agatha.
Forever & Never- a metallic, shimmery bronze shade. I actually haven't used this one yet! D:
Backstage Bambi- a really hot pink, perfect for a night out!
Adora- a really deep spiced apple colour! I also haven't used this one either. (the award for abandoning the kat von d lipsticks goes to me! Oops).
Last but not least.. Stiletto- a deep blood red with slight orange undertones.

The lipsticks have really good staying power so you won't find yourself having to keep reapplying throughout the day- with them only being small, they will actually last longer than you think! :) I found them really mousturizing and highly pigmented, no doubt about that! So...

Time for swatches!!!

With & without flash!

Thank you for reading! Xo

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